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Shanghai door-to-door aristocratic oil pressure service features:

1: provides a full range of care for you. Improve the microcirculation and improve the immunity.

2: aristocratic oil pressure - the use of massage oil lubrication, push, press, knead, knead, knead, rub, lift, wipe and other techniques to relax muscles and reduce fatigue. It is a popular form of leisure and health care for you to eliminate whole body fatigue, quickly release systemic toxins and restore youthful vitality.

3: makes use of the permeability of essential oil and lubricating and soothing effect to ease the relaxation technique on the back, leg, upper limb and chest and abdomen. According to the operation of lymphatic direction, it can effectively solve the toxin in the body and relieve the pain of muscle. It is becoming a health-care health maintenance project that the customer is becoming more and more popular.